Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

7 Days

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, located in the eastern part of Nepal, is a wetland area and an important habitat for various species of birds, as well as other wildlife. Here’s what you can expect from a Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve safari:

  1. Bird Watching: Koshi Tappu is renowned for its exceptional birdlife. It is a vital bird area with over 500 species of birds, including migratory birds that visit the reserve. Bird watchers can enjoy spotting species such as herons, storks, ibises, ducks, kingfishers, and many more. The reserve is particularly famous for the endangered wild water buffalo.
  2. Riverine Ecosystem: The reserve is situated along the Koshi River, and its diverse habitats include wetlands, grasslands, and riverine forests. The river and its associated ecosystems are crucial for the wildlife that inhabit the area.
  3. Safari Activities:
    • Boat Safari: One of the unique features of Koshi Tappu is the opportunity for boat safaris. Exploring the reserve by boat allows visitors to access areas not easily reached by land, providing a different perspective on the wildlife and the landscape.
    • Jeep Safaris: Jeep safaris are also available for exploring the grasslands and forests of the reserve. Experienced guides accompany visitors to help spot wildlife and provide information about the diverse ecosystems.
  4. Wildlife Spotting: Apart from birds, Koshi Tappu is home to various mammals, including wild water buffalo, hog deer, spotted deer, blue bulls (nilgai), and Gangetic dolphins. It’s also possible to see marsh muggers and gharials in the river.
  5. Cultural Experiences: Koshi Tappu is not only about wildlife; it also offers glimpses into the local culture. Visitors may have the chance to interact with the Tharu community and experience their traditional lifestyle.
  6. Best Time to Visit: The ideal time for a safari in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is during the winter months, from October to March. During this time, the weather is more comfortable, and bird migration is at its peak.
  7. Conservation Efforts: The reserve plays a crucial role in the conservation of wetland ecosystems and the protection of endangered species. Visitors can learn about the conservation initiatives and efforts being undertaken in the area.
  8. Accommodations: Koshi Tappu provides accommodation options ranging from basic lodges to more comfortable resorts. Staying within or near the reserve enhances the overall safari experience.

A safari in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve offers a unique blend of bird watching, riverine exploration, and encounters with diverse wildlife in a tranquil and less-visited setting. It’s an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts and those interested in exploring the biodiversity of Nepal beyond the more well-known national parks.


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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

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