Film Shooting in Nepal

20 Days

BG Travel offers comprehensive services for film shooting and documentary production in Nepal, catering to the unique needs of filmmakers. With a professional team boasting extensive experience, the company facilitates various aspects of the filmmaking process, including finding shooting spots, locations, guidance, translators, and content script writing.

Nepal’s diverse landscape, ranging from low elevations to high altitudes, along with its rich cultural heritage, makes it an ideal destination for filmmakers. BG Travel provides essential support to filmmakers by assisting in the acquisition of necessary permits from the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The application process for film shooting permits involves providing detailed information such as personal and organizational details, film specifications, crew information, and a comprehensive list of equipment. BG Travel streamlines this bureaucratic process, ensuring that filmmakers can focus on their creative work.

Key requirements for the application include the applicant’s personal details, organization information (if applicable), film specifications, details of technicians and artists, information about story and songwriters, a synopsis of the story, and details about the proposed filming locations.

Once the necessary permits are obtained, BG Travel continues to provide support during the filming process. This includes arrangements for a Liaison Officer, who is crucial for coordinating with local authorities and ensuring compliance with regulations. The Liaison Officer is provided with necessary amenities, and the film producer covers their remuneration as per ministry rules.

When foreigners wish to shoot films in Nepal, there are specific procedures and requirements they need to follow. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Film Shooting Permits:
    • Foreign filmmakers need to obtain film shooting permits from the Ministry of Information and Communication in Nepal.
    • An application form, in accordance with the Film (Production, Exhibition & Distribution) Rules, 2026 B.E., must be completed.
  2. Application Requirements:
    • Full details of the applicant, including name, nationality, home address, passport number, issuing office, date, and temporary address in Nepal.
    • If the applicant is an organization or company, information such as its name, registration number, date, and office address is required.
    • Details about the proposed film, including its title, genre, language, and format.
    • A comprehensive list of all technicians and artists visiting Nepal, including their names, nationalities, professional status, and temporary addresses.
    • Information about the story and songwriters, including consent letters from them or their heirs.
    • A synopsis of the story or storyboard.
    • Approximate cost of the film, aim of film production, and any other relevant details.
    • A complete list of film-making equipment to be temporarily imported into Nepal.
    • Details about the type of proposed film (feature, newsreel, documentary, TV production, etc.).
    • A list of the locations where filming is planned in Nepal.
    • Proposed date of commencement of filming and duration.
    • Daily program (itinerary).
    • Consent letter from concerned organizations.
  3. Licensing:
    • The license to produce feature films remains valid for three years, while for other films, it’s valid for one year.
    • A Liaison Officer, deputed by the Ministry of Communications, is mandatory during shooting.
    • The Liaison Officer must be provided with local transport, ground or air transport, accommodation, and necessary amenities.
  4. Prohibitions:
    • Films that damage national prestige, culture, tradition, religious values, or present scenes of notified areas by the Nepal government cannot be produced.
  5. Coordination and Support:
    • Coordination with government officials, Liaison Officer, and relevant individuals is crucial.
    • Facilitation of all necessary licenses, permits, and payments of specified fees and taxes is handled by the production company in coordination with local authorities.
  6. Support Services by Local Agencies:
    • Local agencies, such as travel and film production companies like BG Travel, can assist in reducing lead times, obtaining permits, and providing necessary services like location scouting, equipment logistics, accommodation, and transportation.

Overall, thorough compliance with regulations, efficient coordination with local authorities, and engagement with experienced local agencies can significantly streamline the process of shooting films in Nepal for foreigners.


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Film Shooting in Nepal

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