Sunkosi River Rafting

10 Days

The Sun Koshi, known as the “river of gold,” stands as the longest river expedition in terms of river miles offered in Nepal and is globally recognized among the top ten river expeditions. Originating from some of the highest mountains in the world in Tibet and flowing into Nepal, the Sun Koshi journey begins just three hours outside Kathmandu.

This expansive river adventure treats rafting and kayaking enthusiasts to a mesmerizing experience, featuring serene canyons, invigorating waterfalls, bat caves, intriguing temples, and pristine white sandy beaches for camping. The Sun Koshi provides a diverse range of white water challenges, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and extended river expedition that encapsulates all that Nepal has to offer. Whether you’re captivated by the relaxing canyons, refreshing landscapes, or the thrill of varied white water, the Sun Koshi promises a memorable and unparalleled river journey.


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Country: Activity: River Rafting
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Sunkosi River Rafting

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