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Yoga Trekking or Tour in Nepal

Yoga and trekking are my passions, and they go so well together. The practise of yoga improves muscles, enhances lung capacity and strengthens the mind, all of which help us to walk more safely, more happily, and more efficiently, leaving more time and energy to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

YOGA EXERCISE TO SALVATION: A warm welcome to the Yoga trekking in Nepal, Yoga or union of the self with the cosmic soul is believed to revitalize an individual, the release of hidden energies by freeing the mind. It is said that a true yogi (practitioner of yoga) is able to surmount the physical world and comprehend divinity. The art of yoga has been practiced in Nepal and India for centuries. Unlike other forms of exercise, especially the modern, it is not rigorous but relaxing while being just as effective. Dhyan (concentration) is the key to perfecting the yogic postures called Asanas. Mastering of the Asanas is supposed to ensure mental, physical and spiritual harmony. Situated on the Himalayan foothills Nepal is perfect destination for yoga and meditation lovers. Yoga in Himalaya adds efficiency to its practice as Swami Vishnu-devananda emphasized the vast science of Yoga into 5 simple principles as Proper Exercise; Proper Breathing; Proper Relaxation; Proper Diet and Positive Thinking & Meditation. There will be no other place than the tranquility of Himalaya for achieving the goals of Yoga. Everyday walking for about 4-5 hrs gives you proper exercise. The breathlessness that you will experience in altitude forces you to implement proper breathing technique of Yoga. Over all the presence of immanent smile on the peoples faces and placid nature stimulate optimism in you.

We will provide a Yoga-instructor as a group leader for the group size of 4 and more. otherwise you have to practice on what you would be taught in Yoga center that we would send you before trekking . We offer tailor-made yoga trek packages, sight seeing tours upon request.

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