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Muktinath-Damodarkunda Helicopter Tour

Muktianth and Damodarkunda Helicopter Tour is a day tour flying with Helicopter. Our chartered flight starts from Pokhara airport and first land to Muktinath. Take darsan of Muktinath and take holy bath in 108 Muktidhara and Mukti Kundas in front of Temple. Our flight then flies toward Damodar Kunda. This lies in Upper Mustang area, altitude of 4890 miter. Take plenty of time to take holy bath and explore surroundings. Fly back to Pokhara again and overnight. This itinerary could be done with any physical situation of peoples. It takes about 2 hours total duration for flight and 2 another hours to spend in Muktinath and Damodar Kunda.

Muktianth and Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour is feet for those peoples who desire to visit Muktinath and Damodarkunda without and physical problem within short time. It also has option to take chartered flight direct from Kathmandu. 5/6 seat and 24 seat helicopter can fly in this sector. The best season of Muktinath and Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour is from March to November. Area of Damodar Kunda is Tibetan plateau and heavy wind. Because of high altitude, total numbers of peoples accommodate in Helicopter depend as per total weight.

Muktinath, the famous destination of Hindu and Buddhist peoples situate in altitude of 3800 miter. It lies in foot of Thorong-La pass of Annapurna Himalayas. Muktinath is god of salvation hold great significance for all spiritual peoples. It is sacred place shared in harmony by devotees of two religions Hindu and Buddhist. Thousands of devotees visit and take bath in 108 holy taps (Muktidhara) and deep in Mukti Kunda. Muktianth is believed that Lord Vishnu by Hindu peoples and place of Padmasambhava by Buddhist. In Buddhist tradition, Guru Rinpoche; the founder of Tibetan Buddhism had meditated at Muktinath on the way of his way to Tibet. There is an old Buddhist monk present worship. Muktianth is also the place of beautiful panoramic Himalayan view and source of Silas or Shaligrams.

Damodar Kunda, holiest pond situate in Upper Mustang of Nepal. According to Baraha Puran lord Krishna has told, the person who visit and take bath in Damodar Kunda will be free from any kinds of sins of life. Lord Bhisnu was also instructed to go and take bath in Damodar Kunda for two sons of Kuber, who were suffering much from sins. There are three ponds these are, Brahma Kunda, Rudra Kunda and Ananta Kunda. The main source of Kali Gandaki River believed to be Damodar Kunda and it is also a good source of Shaligram. Peoples who believe is Hinduism, hopes to reach this kunda at least once in their life time before passing away.

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